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Monday, 28th February 2011
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Japan sees Nintendo 3DS launch

The new Nintendo 3DS console has been launched in Japan - one month before heading markets in Europe and the US.

Large numbers of Nintendo fans queued up to get their hands on the gaming device, which is facing strong competition from other market contenders such as smartphones and tablets.

The 3DS has been launched ten months ahead of its main competitor - Sony's Next Generation Portable - and this could give Nintendo the edge, claims industry experts.

"Sony's offering of PlayStation games on other platforms means they will sell less hardware longer term," David Gibson, head of equity research at Macquarie Securities in Tokyo, told Reuters.

He added: "Nintendo's competitive advantage is that they develop both hardware and software."

Nintendo is predicting sales of around four million in the next five weeks, with the original DS selling 145 million units worldwide.

The new handheld is initially available in two colours - cosmo black and aqua blue.

Written by Mark Smith.

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