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Monday, 28th February 2011
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Majority of Japanese girls feel overweight

A new survey has revealed that 71 per cent of Japanese girls believe there are overweight.

Conducted by the Japan Youth Research Institute, the study found that despite being thinner on average compared to their peers in countries such as the US and China, many of Japan's younger female population feel under pressure to lose weight.

The research involved questioning over 7,000 high-school students from Japan, US, China and South Korea about a number of issues connected with physical and mental health, reported Reuters.

Results showed that 71 per cent of Japanese girls see themselves as overweight compared to 57 per cent in South Korea, 39 per cent in China and 29 per cent in the United States.

According to researchers, the current economic situation in Japan could be having an impact on the mood of the country's youth.

"This situation is having a big influence in the lack of confidence among Japanese high school students," said a report from the institute.

Previous research conducted by the organisation concluded that the majority of Japanese young are influenced more heavily by branding and media advertising than their counterparts in China, the US and South Korea.

Written by Mark Smith.