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Wednesday, 23rd February 2011
In Japan Travel News,

Luxury trains to be introduced in Kyushu

New trains aimed at tourists are to be launched in Kyushu by the local railway company.

Kyushu Railway Co believes the new trains will play a key role in attracting tourists to the area for a special three-day trip around the region, reports Kyodo News.

It is expected that the trains will be introduced in spring or summer of 2013, with tickets costing between 150,000 yen and 200,000 yen each. Each trip will be limited to 30 passengers in total and the train will provide six to seven cars offering luxury accommodation.

"The Cruise Train will be popular among rich tourists, such as those from China, who come to Kyushu on luxury cruise ships," explained Hiroshi Mizuhata, chief of the government's new Japan Tourism Agency.

The planned luxury service will make use of the new shinkansen service starting next month that will link Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture to the city of Kagoshima.

Kyushu Railway Co currently operates 22 lines and a total of 562 stations.

Written by Susan Ballion.