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Wednesday, 23rd February 2011
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Japanese TV celebrity to be 'fish ambassador'

A Japanese television presenter is set to become Japan's "osakana taishi" - fish ambassador.

Sakana-kun is well-known for his onscreen commitments to fish and he has now been chosen to help promote fish eating in Japan and help save the declining fishing industry.

The agriculture, forestry and fisheries ministry officially appointed Sakana-kun, whose real name is Masayuki Miyazawa, and is expecting him to play a key role in supporting the government department in transforming the fish eating habits of Japan's people.

Mr Miyazawa is an associate professor at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and has appeared on a number of TV show talking about fish.

He also recently rediscovered the presence of kunimasu - a type of salmon, which had thought to be extinct.

Last month, the presenter was the subject of a special ice sculpture at the annual Saiko Juhyo festival near Mount Fuji.

Written by Mark Smith.

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