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Tuesday, 22nd February 2011
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Japan begins WWII excavations

Japan has started excavation the site of a former army medical school that was linked to possible WWII experiments.

It is the first government involvement in the site near to Tokyo and is seen as a crucial step in establishing that prisoners of war could have been subjected to a range of medical trials during their incarceration.

The hospital may have been home to Unit 731, part of the Japanese Imperial Army, which is reported to have carried out biological warfare techniques and used US soldiers in live experiments.

"If the bones or organs with traces of live medical experiments are found, the government would have to admit a wartime medical crime," said Yasushi Torii, head of a civil group investigating the case.

He added: "This is a start, although we probably need more evidence to prove Unit 731's role."

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks has revealed that Japan has recently created a new spy unit for the first time since the end of WWII.

Written by Mark Smith.