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Tuesday, 15th February 2011
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Japan celebrates unusual Valentine traditions

Japan has celebrated Valentine's Day for a number of years but has the event has an unusual twist compared to many other countries.

In Japan, the women buy gifts for men rather than the other way round and in many cases females purchase signs of affection for a whole host of men in their lives including lovers, bosses and work colleagues.

There is even a growing trend in women celebrating the day with close female friends as a sign of friendship, reports Reuters.

"I go to buy good chocolates with my close friends to enjoy together," said 26-year-old Ai Shibata, who works at an advertising company in Tokyo.

She added: "The expensive ones are usually for us to appreciate."

Research conducted by sweet maker Ezaki Glico concluded that almost three out of four women in their teens and 20s plan to give friendship chocolate to their female friends this year, compared to 40 per cent giving confectionery to male lovers.

Meanwhile, Kyodo News reports that Japanese model Kanami Kawaguchi has made a successful range of chocalate treats that have proved popular worldwide.

Written by Mark Smith.

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