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Thursday, 27th January 2011
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Toyota recalls 16 models in Japan

Toyota has announced that it will recall 1.7 million vehicles worldwide in order to repair faulty parts.

A total of 1.28 million of the faulty motors are in Japan and include 16 different models that were produced between May 2000 and October 2008.

The Japan-based automaker confirmed that the recall is due to possible defective fuel pipes that could cause potentially dangerous fuel leaks.

A spokesperson for Toyota confirmed that a further 421,000 vehicles will be recalled in North America and Europe.

However, it was stressed that there has been no reports of accident or incidents related to the possible fuel fault.

Since the end of 2009, Toyota has been forced to recall more than ten million vehicles due to various manufacturing faults connected to with accelerator pedals, floor mats and brakes.

Toyota was recently ordered to pay a significant fine by US regulators over its handling of recent safety matters.

Written by Mark Smith.

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