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Tuesday, 25th January 2011
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Japanese burger chain to expand overseas

The largest chain of burger restaurants in Japan is set to increase in operations into Europe and the US.

MOS Burger currently has 1,370 outlets in Japan and a further 20 in China and south-east Asia. However, the company believes it is well-placed to expand into other markets overseas, reported the Independent.

Although the fast-food chain could face opposition from well-established brands such as Burger King and McDonald's, MOS Burger believes that promoting its Japanese influence will appeal to consumers.

A statement from the company, which was founded in 1972, explained: "We have received many inquiries from people overseas who have tried MOS dishes, either in Japan or in other countries where we are present, asking When are you opening MOS in my country?

"This gives us the strong feeling that our Japanese-taste hamburgers have a taste that is acceptable to the world," it added.

MOS Burger's menu includes a range of products including sushi, tempura, rice burgers and chicken burgers served with sweet teriyaki sauce.

Written by Mark Smith.