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Wednesday, 5th January 2011
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Military pact desirable with South Korea

Japan's government is planning to agree a new military pact with South Korea to encourage shared supplies and services.

Kyodo News reports the two countries could benefit by increasing their co-operation on international activities and talks could begin soon.

Toshimi Kitazawa, Japan's defence minister, is set to suggest the possibility of an agreement when he meets with his South Korean counterpart Kim Kwan Jin next week.

There has been increasing pressure on Japan's military to strengthen its role in the region following ongoing tensions between South Korea and North Korea.

Foreign minister Seiji Maehara recently told the Maeil Business Newspaper that the possabiity of increased relations between Japan and South Korea could be a possible security focus in 2011.

Last month, Japan reached an agreement with the US to continue sharing the cost of joint military bases on Japanese soil.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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