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Wednesday, 29th December 2010
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Japan to improve global sushi skills

Japan's sushi industry is to launch a new initiative designed to improve the reputation of the unique cuisine.

Starting in 2011, the All-Japan Sushi Federation is aiming to encourage better hygiene amongst foreign sushi chefs via a new certification system, reports AFP.

The federation represents a number of sushi restaurants in Japan and is planning to hold special seminars in Singapore, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco over the next 12 months to ensure standards are met and maintained.

"Most restaurants overseas make sushi dishes in the same kitchen as those preparing meat," said Masayoshi Kazato, a sushi chef who is behind the new training system.

"It gets unhygienic if you deal with raw salt-water fish in a kitchen without water running constantly for cleaning," he added.

The All-Japan Sushi Federation was created in 1961 and has more than 10,000 members.

Written by Mark Smith.