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Friday, 24th December 2010
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Workers rent private study rooms

There is a growing trend amongst Tokyo's white-collar workers to seek advantage over fellow colleagues by gaining extra qualifications.

However, the close living environment of Tokyo means that many are finding it hard to find a quiet space to study at home and traditional study locations such as libraries are becoming more crowded, reports Kyodo News.

Therefore, there has been a rise in those looking to rent special study rooms to help ensure they have peace and quiet to help boost their career prospects.

One such study hall is the Benkyo Cafe, run by Bookmarks Inc. It has around 400 members and they pay a monthly membership fee to access a study space. However, the schemes are also developing other services for renters including communal socialising rooms and joint study groups.

"There are businesspeople who utilize (the study room) for networking and some members even travel all the way from outside Tokyo to visit once a month," explained Mitsuhiro Hiasa, the vice-president of Bookmarks Inc.

Japan's unemployment rate current stands at 5.1 per cent - which is historically high for the country and may have encouraged many people to look at their work-related skills. 

Written by Susan Ballion.

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