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Wednesday, 22nd December 2010
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Scientists create 'singing mouse'

Scientists in Japan have produced a mouse that is capable of tweeting like a bird.

Researchers at the University of Osaka have used genetic engineering in order to understand the origins of language.

The "Evolved Mouse Project" focuses on creating mice that are susceptible to miscopying DNA and therefore have some form of mutation.

"Mutations are the driving force of evolution. We have cross-bred the genetically modified mice for generations to see what would happen," lead researcher Arikuni Uchimura told AFP.

"We checked the newly born mice one by one... One day we found a mouse that was singing like a bird."

He added that the team was surprised as they had been expecting mice with different physical traits rather than those related to sounds.

It is understood that the university's laboratory has now more than 100 of the singing mice to help with further research.

The history of the University of Osaka can be traced back to 1724.

Written by Mark Smith

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