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Tuesday, 25th November 2008
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Enjoy a Zentastic New Year

Holidaymakers planning to spend New Year in Japan will have the opportunity to join the throngs of Japanese natives who will be heading off for the annual day of purification at the country's temples.

Every year on January 1st, the auspicious day of ganjitsu is celebrated as a day traditionally joyful day devoid of anger and stress, according to Whatsonwhen.

Celebrants flock to their temples following a sweetened glass of otose rice wine and a bowl of ozoni mochi soup.

The busiest temple is likely to be Tokyo's Meiji Jingu, upon which the bulk of the capital's believers will descend.

The Kawasaki Daishi Shrine and Senso-ji Temple are also likely to attract large crowds on what promises to a special and memorable day.

Legend has it that Senso-ji Temple was founded by two brothers who caught a statue of Kannon-Bosatu, the goddess of mercy, in their fishing nets. Despite throwing the statue back into the water, it kept returning to them and so a temple was built in honour of the goddess.