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Monday, 13th December 2010
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New military plan increases Japanese defences

A new five-year plan for Japan could see an increase in the use of Patriot missiles and submarines.

According to Kyodo News, the Japanese Self-Defence Forces are considering the deployment of Patriot Advance Capability-3 interceptor missiles at a number of air bases across the world. The missiles would be capable of targeting incoming weapons before they land and the Patriots could also be fired from Japanese military ships.

Sources suggest the additional defence resources are a reaction to increased tensions between North Korea and South Korea.

In addition, the defence plans could also see a rise in submarine numbers from 16 to 22 as Japan continues to be involved in territorial disputes with China.

Vice-defence minister Jun Azumi recently told Reuters that Japan is focusing on improving defences in the southwest, where it shares a sea border with China.

"Our attention was on the north during the Cold War. But we have to shift our focus to the defense of southwest The most important step to strengthen our defence over the next ten years is to secure the mobility (of our troops)," explained Mr Azumi.

Meanwhile, the Chinese foreign ministry has announced that the chief nuclear envoys of China and Japan are to make a joint effort to diffuse tensions in the region.

Written by Mark Smith.

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