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Tuesday, 7th December 2010
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Baseball player Iwakuma returns to Japan

Pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma is to return to Japan to play with the Rakuten Golden Eagles after failing to reach an agreement with the US-based Oakland A's.

According to the Mainichi Daily News, the player and the team could not finalise a contract before a set deadline, especially as sources reveal that Iwakuma had already decided that he would play in Japan.

It is understood that the pitcher believed offers of $19.1 million and a four year contract were below current market values.

The Oakland A's have now failed to sign a number of key players in recent months including Lance Berkman and Adrian Beltre.

Meanwhile, the Californian team has confirmed it has re-signed outfielder Ryan Sweeney for a further year and avoided possible arbitration. The 25-year-old player did have a .294 batting average in the last season, with one home run in 82 games, before being treated for right patella tendinitis on July 30th.

Written by Susan Ballion

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