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Thursday, 2nd December 2010
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Aquarium lights up with festive spirit

An eel is set to be the main attraction at Tokyo's Sunshine International Aquarium this holiday period.

The aquarium has a special display featuring an electric eel that can be used to power a nearby two metre-high Christmas tree. Visitors can also control a Santa robot by stomping on a eco-friendly pad, reports Reuters.

"We first decided to get an electric eel to light up a Christmas tree and its top ornament using its electricity," said Kazuhiko Minawa, on the public relations team for the Enoshima Aquarium.

"As electric eels use their muscles when generating a charge, we also thought to get humans to use their muscles to light up parts of the tree and power Santa."

The aquarium is located a short walk from Katase Enoshima train station and is open from 10.00 to 17.00 seven days a week during the winter season.

Written by Mark Smith.

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