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Tuesday, 30th November 2010
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Sharp plans Japanese e-reader release

Sharp has confirmed that it will launch its Galapagos e-reader device on the Japanese market before Christmas.

The company is set to release two versions of the product on December 10th as well as a companion online store to allow consumers to purchase content for the tablet-style device.

Consumers can pre-order the Galapagos from December 3rd and will be able to choose from a smaller 5.5-inch version or a 10.8-inch model. The pocket version is expected to retail at 39,800 yen and the larger e-reader will cost 54,800 yen.

The online shop is a partnership with Culture Convenience Club Co, which operates the Tsutaya book and music chain, and will offer around approximately 20,000 books and magazines at first. By spring 2011, the content will be expanded to also include video and music content for Galapagos users.

Sony recently announced plans to re-launch its e-book reader in Japan following the success of Amazon's Kindle device.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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