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Monday, 29th November 2010
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Japanese govt 'should increase immigration'

A key think-tank has urged Japan's government to consider relaxing current immigrations law to help boost the country's population and encourage economic growth.

The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR), via an advertisement in the Nikkei, Asahi and Sankei newspapers, called on prime minister Naoto Kan to look at ways of attracting more skilled workers from overseas, as well as recruiting nursing staff from countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

"If Japan wants to survive in a globalised world economy and to advance her integration with the burgeoning East Asian economy, she essentially has no other choice but to accept foreign migrants," the think-tank told Bloomberg.

Current data suggests that Japan's population could fall by three per cent within a decade due to an aging population and low birth rate.

So far, the forum's policy has been backed by 87 key figures including academics, journalists and diplomats.

Created in 1987, the JIFR is a non profit and independent organisation concerned with Japanese foreign policy and international relations.

Written by Susan Ballion.