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Friday, 12th November 2010
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Mitsubishi recalls Japanese vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors has been forced to recall close to 250,000 cars in Japan following concerns over oil leaks.

The Japanese transport ministry confirmed the automaker is recalling seven models, including the eK Wagon plus two models it makes for Nissan - the Otti and Clipper.

It is believed that a faulty part could cause an oil leak and trigger the oil pressure gauge alert to be activated.

"Continued use may cause parts inside the engine to burn and the vehicle may cease to operate," said Mitsubishi.

Vehicles involved in the recall were produced between November 2003 and August 2005.

The company reported a small loss in the first half of the year but has improved profit levels compared to last year - largely due to strong sales across its Asian operations.

Mitsubishi recently revealed plans to join forces with Japanese electronics retailer Bic Camera to promote the use of electric cars.

Written by Mark Smith.

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