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Friday, 12th November 2010
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Japanese hotels focus on families

Japanese hotels may opt to focus on providing services to families to help boost profit levels.

The Japan Times reports there has been a growth in hotels within the country looking to attract parents and children as a way of increasing occupancy levels.

Resonare Kobuchizawa was originally opened in 1992 and was designed to apply to couples looking for romantic accommodation. However, the establishment was forced to file for bankruptcy after financial difficulties in 2001.

Hoshino Resort company then took over the running of the hotel and now offers families a range of services and activities to make their stay more enjoyable.

Takeshi Koyama, Resonare's sales manager, explained: "We decided to target families with children under age 12; especially with those younger than elementary school kids because such families don't have to worry about their children missing school."

The manager claims the new approach is working, with the hotel reporting a pre-tax profit of 180 million yen (£1.35 million) in 2009.

Hoshino Resort also manages the Bandai Resort, which is one of the largest ski destinations in North East Japan.

Written by Kimberley Homer.