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Thursday, 27th November 2008
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Google beaten by Yahoo in Japan search engine rankings

Yahoo has been named as the most searched-for word online in Japan for the month of September.

New qSearch data from ComScore shows that there were around 5.9 billion searches carried out by Japan's internet users, with the average person making around 96 searches, reports CNET.

It will come to the surprise of some that Google trailed its search engine rival. While Yahoo facilitated three billion searches, a 51 per cent market share, Google could only manage 2.3 billion searches, a 39 per cent share of the market.

Meanwhile, Microsoft could only must around 90 million search requests, making it the country's fourth most popular search engine behind Rakuten.

Maru Sato, managing director of ComScore Japan, commented: "The search market in Japan is dominated by Yahoo and Google, which combine for more than 90 per cent of the market." reports that Google remains the most used search engine in the US.

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