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Wednesday, 10th November 2010
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Chiba's stores celebrate local baseball win

A number of stores in Chiba Prefecture have held special sale events to mark the local baseball team's recent victory in the Japan Series.

The Chiba Lotte Marines managed to beat the Chunichi Dragons 8-7 at the weekend at the Nagoyo Dome in a closely fought competition, reports Kyodo News.

Around 1,500 shoppers flocked to the Sogo department store for a special celebratory event, while the nearby Tobu store in Funabashi welcomed around 1,000 people when it opened its doors.

"The store is so crowded, we hope we'll get good sales," said a Tobu store official.

Chiba's governor Kensaku Morita welcomed the victory by the Chiba Lotte Marines and added: "I've watched many Japan Series games, but none has been as exciting."

The baseball team finished third in the Pacific League standings and became the first squad not to finish in the top two but still win the Japan Series, reports AP.

Written by Susan Ballion.