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Thursday, 21st October 2010
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Baseball fans farm special rice

More than 500 fans of the Hanshin Tigers have helped to harvest rice from a special paddy in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture.

Farmers in the region plant multi-coloured rice every year in the colours of the baseball team as well as in the shape of the team's mascot and other relevant designs, reports the Japan Times.

This year, the fields were planted in the shape of a parent and tiger cub, a cheerleading tiger and the team's main logo.

It is expected that a total of 600kg of rice will be harvested from the paddy fields and will be sent to the unmarried Tiger players.

The Hanshin Tigers are owned by the Hanshin Railway Company and were founded in 1936, although it took nearly fifty years for the team to win their first Japan Series. Their home ground is Koshien Stadium, which can seat 55,000 spectators and is located near to Kobe city.

Written by Mark Smith.

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