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Friday, 15th October 2010
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Sony announces further Gran Turismo delays

Japanese firm Sony has confirmed that it will delay the latest version of its Gran Turismo game until later in the year.

Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 was scheduled to hit stores on November 2nd in the US and Europe and November 3rd in Japan. However, the company has announced that the game will not be released until the festive season.

A statement from Sony on the official PlayStation 3 blog said: "We sincerely apologise to fans for the delay, however creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating a racing experience of the highest quality."

Developers have been working on the latest version of the racing car sim game for around four years and its release has already been subject to a number of delays.

Since its launch in April 2006, a total of 38.1 million PlayStation 3 consoles have been sold worldwide.

Written by Mark Smith.

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