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Friday, 15th October 2010
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Japan debuts singing robot

Scientists in Japan have revealed a life-sized robot that is designed to sing and dance.

HRP-4 uses synthesised voice technology to replicate a human pop singer and has a realistic face that appears to sing. The robot was showcased at CEATEC Japan 2010 - an annual trade event for Japanese technology and consumer electronics products and services.

The Daily Mail reports Masataka Goto, from Japan's Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, said: "This is a new technology, which synthesizes a singing voice on the computer side, as if imitating a person's singing voice."

He added the robot's facial expressions use Vocawatcher technology – which analyses video of a singer to create natural movements.

The Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has over 50 autonomous research units working in a number of fields including life science and biotechnology, information technology and electronics, nanotechnology, materials and manufacturing.

Written by Susan Ballion.