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Monday, 27th September 2010
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Games break Japanese DS sales records

Pokemon Black and White are officially the two fastest selling Nintendo DS games.

A total of 2.25 million copies of the games sold in their first week of release and are a sign that the Pokemon franchise remains as popular as ever. Pre-sales of the games also reached record levels, with gamers ordering 1.88 million copies.

The two DS games are set to be launched in Europe and the US in spring next year and will feature Reshiram on Pokemon Black and Zekrom will appear on the cover of Pokemon White.

Both games represent the fifth generation of Pokemon and are set in the Isshu, complete with 3D bridges and cities.

Laurent Fischer, managing director of marketing and PR of Nintendo Europe, explained that Nintendo has benefitted immensely from the popular series.

"It's rare to find a franchise with such worldwide appeal and dedicated fans as Pokemon," he added.

Written by Mark Smith

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