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Wednesday, 8th September 2010
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Japanese actress wins Montreal award

Eri Fukatsu has won the best actress award at the Montreal World Film Festival.

The Japanese actress was recognised by the Canadian event for her performance in the film Akunin.

Directed by Lee Sang Il, the film is a love story based on a novel by Shuichi Yoshida and Fukatsu plays a woman who runs away with a murderer.

Speaking at the awards ceremony in French, the actress said: "I think this is an award given to the (film's) entire staff. I am very happy."

She is the second Japanese actress to be recognised by the Montreal World Film Festival awards; Yuko Tanaka was named best actress in 1983 for her work in Amagi Goe.

Akunin will open in cinemas across Japan this coming weekend.

Fukatsu is 37 years old and has starred in a number of Japanese films as well as the television series Twinkle.

Written by Mark Smith