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Friday, 3rd September 2010
In Japan Travel News,

Strong yen encourages executive travel

The strength of the yen is encouraging more Japanese executives to travel overseas, claims the president of Delta airline.

Ed Bastian believes that many executives are cashing in their purchasing power overseas and this is therefore boosting overall passenger numbers on the airline's international flights from Japan.

"We are seeing significant improvement in our outbound travel because of the strength of the yen," said Mr Bastian, reports AFP.

"Particularly... travel between Tokyo and our beach destinations; Hawaii, Guam and Saipan."

There have been growing concerns on the financial markets that the yen is likely to negatively hit Japan's export levels, especially following a 15-year peak against the dollar as well as a nine-year high against the euro.

Meanwhile, American Airlines has announced that it plans to moves its Asia-Pacific regional office from its current location in Uchisaiwaicho to the Japan Airlines building in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo at the start of next year.

The move is part of an ongoing collaboration between the two airlines to provide a more comprehensive flight service between the US and Japan.

Written by Mark Smith