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Thursday, 2nd September 2010
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Japanese government supports international judo

New sports materials have been donated by the Japanese government to help the development of Judo in Angola.

In total, 400 kimonos and four tatamis have been donated by the Japanese government as part of a new sporting relationship between the two countries.

It is expected the ambassador to Angola, Kazuhiko Koshi Kawa, will hand over the equipment, worth around $100 (£64.64), directly to the Angolan Judo Federation (FAJ), reports the Angola Press.

The decision to donate equipment followed recent talks between Japanese officials and those linked with Judo and the FAJ, which highlighted the lack of access to quality equipment despite a strong interest from judokas.

Mr Kawa added that it is hoped that the donation will lead to further collaborations and encourage the ongoing development of the sport of Judo.

A tatamis is a specially designed mat, which is used in a number of martial arts sports to provide protection to the fighters.

Written by Mark Smith