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Thursday, 2nd September 2010
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Japan aims to boost TV demand

The extension of a subsidy plan for eco-friendly home appliances by the Japanese government could boost demand for new devices.

At present, the country's demand for new televisions and other white goods remains flat but it is hoped that the new plans could encourage more consumers to update their current models to take advantage of the potential savings.

Introduced in June 2009, the eco-points plan allows a consumer to purchase an eco-friendly or energy-efficient product and in return they are issued with special points that can be redeemed against various goods and services such as airline tickets.

Under the extension, the eco-points scheme will now run until March 2011 and is part of a 920 billion yen (£7.06 billion) investment to help boost the level of consumer spending across Japan.

Other measures to encourage spending include the provision of more help for young job seekers as well as financial support for small enterprises. It is expected that the full plan will be detailed by the government on September 10th.

Research from the International Monetary Fund has warned that Japan is one of four advanced countries that are close to unsustainable levels of government debt.

Written by Susan Ballion

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