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Tuesday, 31st August 2010
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Japanese research develops 'touchable' 3DTV

The world's first touchable 3D television system has been developed in Japan.

A team at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), speaking to AFP, explained the device would allow people to touch images that are directly floating in front of them.

"It is the first time that you can feel images in the air," said Norio Nakamura, senior scientist with the research team.

He added: "You can have the sense of touch like poking a rubber ball or stretching a sticky rice cake."

It is hoped that the new technology could eventually be used in a variety of ways including allowing trainee doctors to simulate surgical operations or even enhance video games to enable players to interact with in-game weapons.

Other applications of the 3DTV could lead to the development of interactive virtual museum exhibitions.

The headquarters of AIST are in Tokyo and Tsukuba and the institute has more than 50 separate research units based in more than nine locations across the country.

Written by Mark Smith.