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Wednesday, 25th August 2010
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Toyota offers hybrid safety device

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has introduced a new device aimed at making its popular hybrid car louder.

The new device will emit a humming noise and is a response to car safety experts who felt that pedestrians can sometimes not hear the Prius approaching.

New guidelines issued by the Japanese government in January warned the industry about the possible dangers of silent cars travelling at low speeds in built-up areas.

It is expected that the special speaker system device will go on sale in Japan at the end of the month and will retail for 12,600 yen (£96), although owners will have to pay extra installations charges as well.

However, Toyota has yet to confirm if the device will be made available to Prius owners in other countries.

Toyota is also predicting that sales in China could grow by more than ten per cent in 2011 as the company continues to expand its operations, reports Bloomberg.

Written by Mark Smith. 

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