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Friday, 13th August 2010
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Toyota halts car exports to Iran

Japanese car firm Toyota has stopped all exports to Iran following sanctions placed on the country by the US and the UK.
Iran is under international pressure once again over its nuclear development program and the move by Toyota is thought to have been to ensure it keeps its biggest car selling market on side, the US.

While sales here were impacted by the economic downturn, they have recently been improving.

Commenting on the situation, spokesperson for the car maker Keisuke Kirimoto said: "It is true that Toyota has stopped exports of vehicles bound for Iran. We plan to continue to closely monitor this sensitive international situation."

Toyota has had a difficult few months, with safety issues leading it to recall millions of cars worldwide.

Problems with faulty accelerators are thought to have contributed to a number of fatal accidents in the US and following the incidents, head of Toyota Akio Toyoda was called to speak before US Congress.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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