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Thursday, 4th December 2008
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Japan signs anti-cluster bomb treaty

Japan joined forces with around 100 other countries to sign a treaty in Oslo yesterday (December 3rd) banning the use of cluster bombs.

The world's main producers of the weapons, China, Russia and the US, were not among the signatories, however.

Hirofumi Nakasone, Japan's foreign minister, pledged his country's support for worldwide efforts to stop civilians being killed or injured by cluster munitions, reports Japan Today.

Mr Nakasone commented: "This convention is a manifestation of the fact that the attitude of human beings towards armed conflicts has entered a new phase."

He also said he expected financial assistance towards anti-cluster bomb projects to amount to around $7 million.

Cluster bombs are weapons which are air-dropped or ground-launched and explode while falling, scattering small bomblets over a large area.

Last month, Japan's defence minister Yasuka Hamada announced the end of the country's involvement in Iraqi air mission.