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Thursday, 12th August 2010
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Japanese consumers to get iPod replacements

Technology giant Apple is to replace iPod Nanos which overheat, after several Japanese customers complained of devices getting too warm when charging - and in some cases even setting on fire.

Now, the firm has said it will replace any MP3s which have been hit by the technical glitch, which it said is only currently known to effect its first generation iPod Nano players.

When news of the malfunction first broke, Apple said it would replace the faulty batteries on the models, which are thought to be at the root of the problem.

The announcement comes after the issue was investigated by the ministry for economy, trade and industry.

Describing the investigation in more detail, the Wall Street Journal said that the ministry asked for more information about all of the overheating cases - 28 in total - that Apple has received over the past two years.

However, during the investigation Apple revealed a further 34 cases and the ministry said the firm's failure to disclose these other incidents is "very regrettable".

Written by Susan Ballion