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Thursday, 12th August 2010
In Japan Entertainment News,

Documentary shows rise to fame of anime girl

A teenager from the Isle of Man who rose to fame after posting online videos of herself dancing while dressed as a Japanese manga character can be seen in a documentary tonight (August 12th).

Beckii Flint, who is 14, became an internet hit in Japan after dressing in a typically Japanese style and singing to Asian pop music on video sharing site YouTube.

In Japan, the hugely popular manga and anime cultures see large parts of the teenage population dress up as their favourite characters and congregate in public parks and trendy spots.

In Tokyo, the Harajuku area is a must-visit for those keen to see groups of youngsters following this trend.

Since shooting to fame, Beckii has got herself a Japanese manager, recorded five singles and appeared on TV in Japan.

The documentary, which will be shown on BBC3 tonight, follows Beckii at home and shows her parents discussing the impact that her overseas fame has had on the family.

Written by Kimberley Homer