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Friday, 6th August 2010
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Japanese computer geek sets new pi record

A Japanese engineer and US computer programmer have calculated pi to a record number of decimal places, the pair have claimed.

Shigeru Kondo and Alexander Yee said that using Yee's software, they have calculated pi to some five trillion places, which is almost double the 2.7 trillion places of the previous record set by a software engineer from France.

The calculation took place at Mr Kondo's home in central Japan and took 90 days to achieve. The computer used to calculate the new pi record was built by Mr Kondo himself but he noted that the pair "couldn't have achieved the results without either of us".

Mr Kondo's claim that he used a personally-built computer links to the previous record, which was set on a normal desktop machine and not a so-called "supercomputer".

Pi is the value of a circle's circumference in relation to its diameter.

Written by Kimberley Homer.