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Tuesday, 13th July 2010
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Nissan reveals Thai-made motor

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has unveiled its new subcompact car, which is set to be produced in Thailand.

The move makes Nissan the first Japanese car firm to import motors it has had made overseas but current market changes appear to be enticing other manufacturers to make the same move. While the car will be produced in Thailand, the motors will be rigorously checked at a Japan-based facility to ensure they are up to the high safety standards expected by Japanese car buyers.

Nissan's March car is also to be made in India, Mexico and China. The motor will be exported to over 100 nations around the world.

The firm's decision to move production abroad may have been due to the rising cost of labour in Japan as well as a strong yen making some of the nation's exports unappealing to overseas buyers.

The Japanese car industry has been struggling to deal with the impact of several safety scandals which saw millions of cars recalled to factories around the globe.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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