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Friday, 9th July 2010
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Name change bill considered in Japan

Married women in Japan could get more of a choice over what surname they choose to use after their nuptials should a new bill get through government.

Under the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, which came into power last year following decades of unbroken rule by the much more conservative Liberal Democratic Party, a bill giving Japanese women the choice over keeping their name or taking their husbands' is being considered, reported the Associated Press.

Such a move has come under fierce criticism from the country's previous party in power, which has also spoken out about other progressive social policies that could be seen as going against traditional Japanese values.

The source noted that Akiko Orita, who is an assistant professor at Chuo University, has been married for over ten years but in official paperwork is known as the "unregistered wife" of Yusuke Doi as she did not take his name.

Japan has recently seen a new prime minister, Naoto Kan, come to power after his predecessor Yukio Hatoyama stepped down unexpectedly.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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