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Friday, 9th July 2010
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Hiking in Japan offers "ancient network of pilgrimage trails"

Holidaymakers heading to Japan this year may want to follow the advice of one travel writer and visit the Kumoda Kodo region for some hiking.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Paul Baylis noted that while many people may automatically think of Mount Fuji when considering taking a hike in Japan, there are many other places to head - and the Kumoda Koda area boasts "ancient" trails and "majestic shrines".

The region is easily accessed from the cities of Osaka and Kyoto and those interested in the culture of Japan should make sure they walk as far along as the southern peninsula to take in the three grand Shinto shrines there.

Due to the popularity of other parts of Japan, walking in this region can be solitary and the writer said it "never feels crowded".

However, climbing Mount Fuji is still worthwhile. This 3,776-metre mountain is an important spiritual place for many Japanese and offers breathtaking views from the top. It can be found around 60 miles out of Tokyo.

Written by Mark Smith.

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