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Monday, 5th July 2010
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Toyota suffers further recall problems

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has been hit by further recall problems following months of issues with cars including the Prius.

The firm has launched another recall, this time for more than 90,000 cars in Japan, after more problems with car safety were uncovered during quality checks.

Worldwide, Toyota has recalled millions of cars over the past few months - in Japan itself and also in the US, Africa and Europe - after faults including "runaway" cars and problematic accelerators were linked to a number of road traffic deaths.

The new recall is due to problems with car engines and has been prompted by complaints from more than 200 customers. Cars in the recall include some Lexus and Crown models.

Following the recall of some 92,000 cars in Japan, the scheme is set to be expanded to the firm's worldwide market and Toyota expects around 270,000 vehicles to be called back to plants globally.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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