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Friday, 2nd July 2010
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Toshiba reveals battery plan

Japanese firm Toshiba has announced it is to team up with Mitsubishi Motors to create electric car batteries.

Toshiba has already developed a super charge ion battery, a long life cell which uses lithium, and it now plans to make changes to the battery to make it suitable for use in electric powered vehicles. The company also recently announced it is to start building electric motors to be used in Ford hybrid cars, adding to its existing portfolio of motors for use in Japanese bullet trains, lifts and machinery.

Electric cars are becoming more and more common as the world's car firms attempt to go green and the Japanese built Toyota Prius continues to be the most popular and best selling eco motor on the planet.

Fellow Japanese car manufacturer Nissan also recently revealed a hybrid car, the Leaf, which will hit the market later this year. Leaf stands for Leading Environmentally friendly Affordable Family Car.

Written by Kimberley Homer.