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Monday, 8th December 2008
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Akihito resumes official duties

Emperor Akihito, Japan's monarch, resumed his official duties today (December 8th) after last week being diagnosed with an irregular pulse.

Along with Empress Michiko, the emperor, who will turn 75 on December 23rd, attended an awards ceremony in the Ueno area of Tokyo in which the International Prize for Biology was awarded.

This year's prize went to George David Tilman from the US.

The Imperial Household Agency has said the emperor's condition is stable, reports the Associated Press.

Earlier this year, he was diagnosed as being prone to brittle-bone disease as a result of hormone treatment he was receiving to treat prostrate cancer.

In Japan's traditional order of succession, Akihito is the country's 125th emperor.

He ascended to the throne in 1989 and is the only monarch in the world still known by the title of emperor.

His heir, Prince Hisahito, was born on September 6th 2006.

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