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Thursday, 17th June 2010
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Japan's chances weighed up ahead of Netherlands game

After its surprise win over Cameroon in its World Cup opener, Japan's chances of beating their next opponent - the Netherlands - is being weighed up by the sports press.

The Group E clash will take place on Saturday (June 19th) and their unexpected victory has given Japan a much needed boost in confidence, after a string of losses and poor performances before the tournament began.

Yahoo! Sports compared the two teams ahead of the game, noting that the countries have only played once before, in September 2009. The Netherlands won that match and have also won their last three World Cup games against Asian squads.

Japan's victory over Cameroon was their first win in a World Cup outside of their own nation and when playing their last five games against European teams, the Asian side has won just once and failed to score in three of the clashes.

After the Japan vs Cameroon game, head coach Takeshi Okada said he wanted his squad to show more aggression on the pitch.

Written by Kimberley Homer.