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Monday, 14th June 2010
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Japanese space craft lands back on earth

The Japanese Hayabusa asteroid craft landed back on earth in the Australian outback over the weekend.

The craft has been in space since 2003 and has been working to gather facts about space asteroids, but a number of set backs left the mission heavily behind schedule and have placed doubts on how much useful information the project will have yielded.

A number of scientists set up camp in the outback on Saturday evening (June 12th) ahead of the ship's scheduled landing at some point on Sunday. The craft is thought to have bumped back down to earth near Woomera, in a remote restricted military zone.

After its launch in 2003, the Hayabusa craft spent two years reaching the Itokawa asteroid and made two landings on the rock.

Earlier this year, a Japanese astronaut used a live broadcast from the International Space Station to demonstrate how to make sushi rolls in space.

Written by Kimberley Homer.