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Monday, 14th June 2010
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Japan accused of whaling bribery

A newspaper has ccused Japan of giving money to smaller countries to gain support for whaling practices, which are often criticised by a number of nations around the world.

According to the Sunday Times, there is evidence to show that Japan has been bribing certain nations with cash in order to help it get a moratorium on commercial whaling lifted.

The newspaper said it had found officials from countries including Guinea, the Marshall Islands, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis and Kiribati were willing to talk about a potential sale of votes at the International Whaling Commission.

Some of the representatives said they voted for whaling because they are given cash by Japan to do so. Some talked of other incentives, including call girls.
However, Nicola Beynon from the Humane Society International said that such practices are "common knowledge" in some circles.

"A number of countries that vote in favour of commercial whaling at the IWC are not actually voting because they genuinely want to see a return to commercial whaling, but they are voting because they are beholden to Japan and Japan's very generous fisheries aid," she told ABC.

Written by Mark Smith.