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Wednesday, 9th June 2010
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Japan to play friendly with Mozambique

The Japanese national team are to play Mozambique this week ahead of the start of this summer's World Cup.

The match has been arranged at the last minute and will be played the evening before the cup begins on June 11th and is being seen by many as an attempt to fit in some much needed practice before the real games begin.

Japan have not performed well in their last few matches and are set to face Cameroon, Denmark and the Netherlands in their group games. They are in group E.

The team have suffered a number of recent defeats and speaking about the cup ahead of the start of the World Cup, Japanese coach Takeshi Okada noted that the playing style of the African squads in the tournament could pose the biggest problem for his players, which could have pushed him to organise this last minute game.

Japan's first game in the World Cup will be on Monday, when they will face Cameroon.

Written by Kimberley Homer.