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Monday, 7th June 2010
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New Japanese cabinet to be revealed

The new Japanese cabinet is set to be revealed following the resignation of prime minister Yukio Hatoyama last week.

Former finance minister Naoto Kan has already been named as successor to Hatoyama and will now lead the party and the country.

Reports suggest that Kan will keep many top ranking Japanese government officials in their current roles.

Hatoyama stepped down in a shock resignation following a controversial decision on the location of a US base, which saw him fall out of favour with Japanese voters. As well as this, the alleged involvement of a number of high ranking party members in a funding scandal caused embarrassment for his party.

According to a Kyodo News report cited by the AFP, foreign minister Katsuya Okada, health and welfare minister Akira Nagatsuma and defence minister Toshimi Kitazawa will all keep their current positions.

After Kan's appointment as new party leader, the New York Times pointed out the difference in ruling methods to Hatoyama he is likely to demonstrate and noted his strong style of leadership.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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