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Thursday, 3rd June 2010
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Kan 'likely' to be next Japanese PM

Japanese finance minister Naoto Kan is being strongly tipped for the prime minister's position, after Yukio Hatoyama stepped down earlier this week.

Hatoyama resigned after a decision to keep a controversial US military base on the island of Okinawa led to sharp falls in public favour. As well as this, several high ranking members of his party are currently involved in a financial scandal. He was in office for just eight months.

This morning (June 3rd) current finance minister Kan was predicted to be the nation's next leader by much of the Japanese press. Hatoyama's successor is due to be officially revealed tomorrow.

Kan has been noted in the past for his willingness to stand up for some of Japan's most powerful bureaucrats, which may see others in the party unlikely to stand against him for the leadership.

He may bring a different type of leadership to the nation, as his strong style sets him apart from Hatoyama, who showed much indecisiveness over important decisions, noted the New York Times.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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