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Wednesday, 10th December 2008
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Emperor Akihito suffering from ill health

The emperor of Japan may have to amend his official schedule over the coming weeks as he battles with ill health.

According to an announcement from the Imperial Household Agency, Emperor Akihito is currently suffering from inflammation of the stomach and intestine, the Mainichi Daily News reports.

"His Majesty has been taking care of various things and has some worries. I assume we could say that his condition represents his worries and heartache," said Ichiro Kanazawa, medical supervisor of the Imperial Household.

"He has been enduring these symptoms for quite a while."

Some reports have interpreted these remarks as suggesting that the future of the monarchy is putting the emperor under pressure - which could have led to his falling ill.

The 75-year-old has had a protracted falling out with his son, Crown Prince Naruhito, who is heir to the throne.

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